16th FIBA ASIA Champions Cup

Cuneta Astrodome and Araneta Coliseum
Manila, Philippines
May 29 to June 5, 2005
San Miguel Beer (Philippines) Record: 4-3
Game by Game Schedule and Results
Date    Opponents                  Scores   W/L  Round
May 29  Young Cagers (India)        81-49    W   Preliminary Round Group A
May 30  Tobol (Kazakhstan)          88-67    W   Preliminary Round Group A
June 1  Saba Battery (I. R. Iran)   75-85    L   Preliminary Round Group A
June 2  Al Sagesse (Lebanon)        90-100   L   Preliminary Round Group A
June 3  Fastlink (Jordan)           83-86    L   Quarter Finals
June 4  Al Jeish Army (Syria)       73-57    W   5/8 Placing
June 5  Al Kuwaita (Kuwait)         96-84    W   5/6 Placing
Players              PBA Team
Rommel Adducul       Barangay Ginebra Kings
Jimmy Alapag         Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
Nic Belasco          San Miguel Beermen
Mark Caguioa         Barangay Ginebra Kings
Tony dela Cruz       Shell Turbo Chargers
Yancy de Ocampo      Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
Dondon Hontiveros    San Miguel Beermen
Willie Miller        Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
Rafi Reavis          Coca-Cola Tigers
Renren Ritualo       FedEx Express
Joachim Sonny Thoss  Alaska Aces
Enrico Villanueva    Red Bull Barako Coffee Drink
Head Coach: Chot Reyes
Reserve Player: James Yap of Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

Final Statistics
Players              Games Played  Total Points  Average  High
Rommel Adducul             6             78        13.0     19
Renren Ritualo             7             77        11.0     26
Nic Belasco                7             73        10.4     14
Dondon Hontiveros          5             49         9.8     22
Willie Miller              7             65         9.3     22
Mark Caguioa               7             63         9.0     14
Tony dela Cruz             7             56         8.0     13
Jimmy Alapag               7             48         6.9     13
Enrico Villanueva          7             25         3.6      6
Rafi Reavis                6             21         3.5      6
Yancy De Ocampo            7             18         2.6      5
Joachim Sonny Thoss        6             13         2.2      6
TOTALS                     7            586        83.7     96
OPPONENTS                  7            528        75.4    100
Participating Teams
Preliminary Round Groupings
Group A
Saba Battery (I. R. Iran)
Al Sagesse (Lebanon)
San Miguel Beer (Philippines)
Tobol (Kazakhstan)
Young Cagers (India)

Group B
Al Jeish Army (Syria)
Al Kuwaita (Kuwait)
Al Rayyan (Qatar)
Al Nahl Sharja (United Arab Emirates)
Fastlink (Jordan)

Final Standings
1. Al Rayyan (Qatar)
2. Fastlink (Jordan)
3. Al Sagesse (Lebanon)
4. Saba Battery (I. R. Iran)
5. San Miguel Beer (Philippines)
6. Al Kuwaita (Kuwait)
7. Al Jeish Army (Syria)
8. Tobol (Kazakhstan)
9. Young Cagers (India)
10. Al Nahl Sharja (United Arab Emirates)

FedEx Most Valuable Player: Fadi El Khatib of Al Sagesse (Lebanon)
Accel Best Rebounder: Ayman Deis of Fastlink (Jordan)
Air21 Best Passer: Sambhaji Kadam of Young Cagers (India)

All-Tournament Team
Fadi El Khatib of Al Sagesse (Lebanon)
Abdulrahman Ali of Al Rayyan (Qatar)
Erfan Ali Saeed of Al Rayyan (Qatar)
Enver Shwabzooka of Fastlink (Jordan)
Romel Adducul of San Miguel Beer (Philippines)

Exhibition Games
Date    Opponents          Scores  W/L
May 26  Qatar (Al Rayyan)   85-92   L
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